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Record of the Week (Week of 3rd November 2014)

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After a bit of a hiatus, I return with what’s going to be a bit shorter (from now on) ‘Record of the Week’ where I summarize some of the articles related to the issues of science, technology and society that caught my attention during the past week. I hope you too find them of interest and/or of use.

Citizen Science

SciStarter – Groundbreaking Air Quality Study Demonstrates the Power of Citizen Science

Climate Change

Climatica – In brief: the IPCC Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report

Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit – Embracing the elephant: the IPCC and fossil fuels

The Guardian – Poland rejects IPCC target of zero emissions by 2100


Open Culture – The Ebola Virus Explained with Animated Video


Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers – The tactile topologies of Contagion


Brain Pickings – Bill Nye on Evolution and the Science of Creation: A Reading

The Guardian – Biological warfare flares up again between EO Wilson and Richard Dawkins

R&D Management – Scientists’ commitment to underperforming research projects: linking past success and the social environment

Science Communication

Plainspoken Scientist (AGU blog) – Doodling in Science Class: Using Stick Figure Animations to Explain Complex Science

Science Communication – Popular Climate Science and Painless Consumer Choices: Communicating Climate Change in the Hot Pink Flamingos Exhibit, Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

Synthetic Biology

Making Science Public – Making synthetic biology public: Challenges and responsibilities

Other Round Ups

Not Exactly Rocket Science – I’ve Got Your Missing Links Right Here (08 November 2014)

Record of the Week (Week of 16 June 2014)

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This weeks round up includes articles on energy, fracking, social media, science communication and more.


The Atlantic – Coal’s Share of Energy Consumption at Highest Level Since 1970

Climate Central –

The Guardian – UK government gives green light to offshore windfarm

Manchester Policy Blogs (Science & Technology) – Wasting the biomass opportunity


The Guardian –


The Guardian – Fukushima operator struggles to build ice wall to contain radioactive water

Risk Analysis – Managing the Fukushima Challenge


Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience blog – A new approach to governing GM crops? Global lessons from the rising powers


LSE Impact blog – There are no blueprints for policy impact, but you can improve your chances by being flexible and iterative


Retraction Watch – “Barriers to retraction may impede correction of the literature:” New study


The Guardian (Impact of Research Hub) – ‘DIY labs offer an agile alternative to university-based research’

LSE Impact blog – Surely there’s more to science than money? Economic determinism fails to capture science’s practical social benefit.


Cultural Cognition Project blog – External validity of climate-science-communication studies: ruminations part 1

Dot Earth blog – Exploring Academia’s Role in Charting Paths to a ‘Good’ Anthropocene

Talking Climate – The language that leaves people behind


The Guardian (Film blog) – How Twitter killed the official movie website


Work in Progress blog – Why does John get the STEM job rather than Jennifer? The Implicit Gender Biases of Scientists


Fast Co. Design – The Curious History of the World Cup Soccer Ball

New York Times – The World’s Ball


BPS Research Digest – Link feast (psychology and neuroscience links from the past week)

The Bubble Chamber – Weekly Roundup

LSE Impact blog – Impact Round-Up 21st June: Universities as big business, coding the future, and openings in knowledge production.

National Geographic (Not Exactly Rocket Science) – I’ve Got Your Missing Links Right Here (21 June 2014)

Retraction Watch – Weekend reads: Scientific fraudster given royal honor; the Retraction Watch theme song!

Savage Minds – Around the Web Digest: Week of June 15

Somatosphere – In the Journals, June 2014 – Part I

Record of the Week (Week of 12 May 2014)

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The Guardian (Comment is Free) – Animal testing should not be shrouded in secrecy. We need real reform now


Savage Minds – The Anthropologist as Scholarly Hipster, Part IV: Authenticity and Privilege


CitizenSci (PLoS blogs) – Coop’s Citizen Sci Scoop: What citizen science has told us


The Breakthrough Institute – Why Innovation Should Be at the Heart of Climate Policy

The Bridge (AGU Blogosphere) – 4 maps on America’s climate and energy outlook: 2 that will worry you, 2 that will give you hope

Climate Access – Moving below zero emissions

Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience blog – Rethinking climate change-induced migration and displacement

LSE Impact Blog – A study with erroneous claims about the impacts of global warming has finally been corrected

Climate Outreach & Information Network (COIN) (UK) – Science & stories: Bringing the IPCC to life


Environmental Communication – Media Frames and Cognitive Accessibility: What Do “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” Evoke in Partisan Minds? [Ahead of Print]

Just Publics @365 – Clear Communication is Vital in Emergency Response


The Breakthrough Institute –

Citizen Joe Smith – Stories of Change: arts and social sciences support energy transitions

Climate Central – ‘Catastrophe’ Claim Adds Fuel to Methane Debate

The Guardian (Eco Audit) – What is the most dangerous form of energy?


Cultural Cognition Project blog – So much for that theory . . . (fracking freaks me out #2)

The Guardian – Sussex police under fire for ‘criminalising’ fracking protests

Science & Technology (Manchester Policy Blogs) – Evidence ignored amid Lords committee’s bullishness on fracking


LSE Impact blog – Academic opinions of Wikipedia and open access will improve with more active involvement


The Scholarly Kitchen – What Researchers Value from Publishers, Canadian Survey


Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology – The triple helix and international collaboration in science


COMPASS blogs – Burning Down Communication Barriers Among Fire Scientists

Making Science Public blog – Worms: Workhorses of science and science communication

Not Exactly Rocket Science (National Geographic) – On Science Journalism, Blogs, and The Wow Beat

Research to Action – Research and the media: fighting the anxiety

Speakers of Science blog – Non-Verbal Communication: What are we really saying?


Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology – Struggling for space and finding my place: An interactionist perspective on everyday use of biomedical information


Canadian Science Writers’ Association – Founder of foraging gene says understanding science affects policy-making

LSE Impact blog – The Evidence Information Service: rapid matchmaker for connecting politicians with thousands of UK researchers.


Discourse & Communication – Enacting identity in microblogging through ambient affiliation


The Guardian – UK government conducting secret badger sett-gassing trials


Sociological Imagination – Thirty Years On: Lessons from the Home Computer Boom

The Scholarly Kitchen – Keeping It Real — Are Our Technology Expectations Out of Whack?


The Atlantic – Bye Bye, Barbara: The Week’s Best Pop-Culture Writing

Don’t Get Caught (Communications blog) – The Weekend Read

The Guardian – Green news roundup: Ice sheets, nuclear waste and Marco Rubio

Nieman Journalism Lab – This Week in Review: Behind The Times’ big change, and the FCC’s proposal moves forward

Not Exactly Rocket Science (National Geographic) – I’ve Got Your Missing Links Right Here (17 May 2014)

Retraction Watch – Weekend reads: A call for retraction of therapy-breast cancer study; credit (and pay) for peer reviewers

Social Media Examiner – Facebook Audience Insights: This Week in Social Media

Speakers of Science blog – Reads of the Week 16 May 2014 – Science Journalism, body clocks and more