About the Author


I am currently in my final year as a  Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Geography at Durham University (Durham, UK). I am supervised by Prof. Sarah E. Curtis and Prof. Alexander Densmore.

My PhD research focuses on communication between heterogeneous communities of scientists and ‘publics’. In particular I am looking into scientists’accounts of their engagement practices and the role of various intermediaries that work with scientists towards mobilisation of scientific research beyond academia.

communication of scientific research, in particular, how the ‘science’ and the ‘social’ get translated for non-academic audiences.

Most recently, I have completed a M.A. (by research) degree in Science, Technology and Society (STS) at the Institute for Science & Society at the University of Nottingham under the supervision of Dr. Sujatha Raman. My thesis focused on an investigation of how stakeholders understand, interpret and assess uncertainties and risks within the context of carbon capture and storage.

Previously, I graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree with a chemistry specialisation from University of Toronto in Canada.

My broad research interests are situated within the relationship between science, technology and society. As my research suggests, I am broadly interested in the communication between heterogeneous communities and in particular between scientists and various non-academic publics. Topically speaking, I am interested in research communication, science communication, public engagement with science and technology (publics’ engagement with science & engagement of science with publics), role of social media within academia, impact (communication, capturing, assessment, conceptualisation).

When not lost in the scholarly world, I find direction in my passion for football and hockey (that’s ice hockey for clarification), music and food.


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