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Record of the Week (Week of 3rd November 2014)

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After a bit of a hiatus, I return with what’s going to be a bit shorter (from now on) ‘Record of the Week’ where I summarize some of the articles related to the issues of science, technology and society that caught my attention during the past week. I hope you too find them of interest and/or of use.

Citizen Science

SciStarter – Groundbreaking Air Quality Study Demonstrates the Power of Citizen Science

Climate Change

Climatica – In brief: the IPCC Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report

Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit – Embracing the elephant: the IPCC and fossil fuels

The Guardian – Poland rejects IPCC target of zero emissions by 2100


Open Culture – The Ebola Virus Explained with Animated Video


Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers – The tactile topologies of Contagion


Brain Pickings – Bill Nye on Evolution and the Science of Creation: A Reading

The Guardian – Biological warfare flares up again between EO Wilson and Richard Dawkins

R&D Management – Scientists’ commitment to underperforming research projects: linking past success and the social environment

Science Communication

Plainspoken Scientist (AGU blog) – Doodling in Science Class: Using Stick Figure Animations to Explain Complex Science

Science Communication – Popular Climate Science and Painless Consumer Choices: Communicating Climate Change in the Hot Pink Flamingos Exhibit, Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

Synthetic Biology

Making Science Public – Making synthetic biology public: Challenges and responsibilities

Other Round Ups

Not Exactly Rocket Science – I’ve Got Your Missing Links Right Here (08 November 2014)


Record of the Week (Week of 16 June 2014)

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This weeks round up includes articles on energy, fracking, social media, science communication and more.


The Atlantic – Coal’s Share of Energy Consumption at Highest Level Since 1970

Climate Central –

The Guardian – UK government gives green light to offshore windfarm

Manchester Policy Blogs (Science & Technology) – Wasting the biomass opportunity


The Guardian –


The Guardian – Fukushima operator struggles to build ice wall to contain radioactive water

Risk Analysis – Managing the Fukushima Challenge


Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience blog – A new approach to governing GM crops? Global lessons from the rising powers


LSE Impact blog – There are no blueprints for policy impact, but you can improve your chances by being flexible and iterative


Retraction Watch – “Barriers to retraction may impede correction of the literature:” New study


The Guardian (Impact of Research Hub) – ‘DIY labs offer an agile alternative to university-based research’

LSE Impact blog – Surely there’s more to science than money? Economic determinism fails to capture science’s practical social benefit.


Cultural Cognition Project blog – External validity of climate-science-communication studies: ruminations part 1

Dot Earth blog – Exploring Academia’s Role in Charting Paths to a ‘Good’ Anthropocene

Talking Climate – The language that leaves people behind


The Guardian (Film blog) – How Twitter killed the official movie website


Work in Progress blog – Why does John get the STEM job rather than Jennifer? The Implicit Gender Biases of Scientists


Fast Co. Design – The Curious History of the World Cup Soccer Ball

New York Times – The World’s Ball


BPS Research Digest – Link feast (psychology and neuroscience links from the past week)

The Bubble Chamber – Weekly Roundup

LSE Impact blog – Impact Round-Up 21st June: Universities as big business, coding the future, and openings in knowledge production.

National Geographic (Not Exactly Rocket Science) – I’ve Got Your Missing Links Right Here (21 June 2014)

Retraction Watch – Weekend reads: Scientific fraudster given royal honor; the Retraction Watch theme song!

Savage Minds – Around the Web Digest: Week of June 15

Somatosphere – In the Journals, June 2014 – Part I

Record of the Week (Week of 28 April 2014)

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Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology and Computing – Rhetorical Studies of Science and Technology

Somatosphere – Anesthesia


Digital Sociology – What Does Data Do?

Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology – Big Data and its epistemology

Pasco Phronesis – It Was Sooner Than I Thought – PCAST Releases Big Data Report

Sociological Imagination – Nigel Thrift and Steven Koonin discuss urban science and big data [VIDEO]


The Breakthrough Institute (Mathew Nisbet’s The Public Square) – Pathways to Progress on Climate Change

Climate Access – Talking Responsibility for Climate Change: The Call to Mobilize

TED – The Emergent Patterns of climate change [VIDEO]


Talking Climate – To segment or not to segment?

Environmental Communication –


Geography Directions – Drones for wildlife: the securitization of conservation?


Council of Canadian Academies – Expert Panel finds monitoring, management, and oversight critical for responsible shale gas development in Canada


KMBeing blog – Collective Impact Of Research Over Isolated Impact Of Research


Ars Technica – State laws that ban municipal Internet will be invalidated, FCC chair says


Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology – Open-access repositories worldwide, 2005–2012: Past growth, current characteristics, and future possibilities

LSE Impact blog – The only way to make inflated journal subscriptions unsustainable: Mandate Green Open Access.


Open Culture – Carl Sagan Writes a Letter to 17-Year-Old Neil deGrasse Tyson (1975)


LSE Impact blog – Video abstracts are a low-barrier means for publishers to extend the shelf life of research


Campaign for Science & Engineering (CaSE) – New evidence: science investment boosts growt

Guardian’s Political Science blog – What has science got in common with opera? Oil

Making Science Public blog – Doing science: Some reflections on methods


Canadian Science Writer’s Association – Can you truly write about science if you don’t comment back to commenters?

Journal of Geography in Higher Education – Using role-play for expert science communication with professional stakeholders in flood risk management

Speakers of Science – Science Communication Communication


Cultural Studies of Science Education – Debate on global warming as a socio-scientific issue: science teaching towards political literacy

Science & Education –


British Ecological Society blog – Decoding EU science policy

Cultural Cognition Project blog – Science and public policy: Who distrusts whom about what?

Pasco Phronesis – Princeton Scientist Wants To Keep Holt Seat In The Family


Ars Technica – Facebook grows up, moves to protect user privacy and stabilize code

UCL Social Networking Sites & Social Science Research Project blog – No Make up Selfie

Culture Digitally – A networked selfie: Storytelling of the self in the age of digital reproduction


Social Science & Medicine – Attitudes to vaccination: A critical review


Harvard Business Review blog network – Visualizing Zero: How to Show Something with Nothing


Bubble Chamber – The Weekly Roundup

Don’t Get Caught (Communications blog) – The Weekend Read

Ed Yong’s Not Exactly Rocket Science – I’ve Got Your Missing Links Right Here (3 May 2014)

Journalist’s Resource – What’s new in digital and social media research, April 2014: Facebook rumor cascades, online comments, collaborative news clips, more 

Nieman Journalism Lab – This Week in Review: The FCC defends its plan, and Facebook’s (sort of) privacy concession

Savage Minds – Around the Web Digest: Week of April 27

Somatosphere – Web Roundup: The Body and Big Data

Record of the Week (Week of 14 April 2014)

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This week’s science, technology and society (STS) literature round up includes but is not limited to articles on climate change, social media as well as science communication.


Ars Technica – “Hockey stick” climate scientist’s e-mail protected from disclosure

The Atlantic – How to Tap Latent Conservative Support for Climate-Change Policy

The Breakthrough Institute – Preaching to the Climate Converted: Why Showtime’s “Years” Is Unlikely to Reach Non-Believers

The Bubble Chamber – Twice Is Nice! Double counting evidence in climate model confirmation

Climatica – Mitigating climate change – The IPCC WGIII report

Damian Carrington’s Envrionment Blog – IPCC climate report: a route map for civilisation’s greatest journey

Dot Earth blog – A Risk Analyst Explains Why Climate Change Risk Misperception Doesn’t Necessarily Matter

Tallking Climate –

Nature – IPCC report under fire

New Scientist –

Yale Forum on Climate Change –


Open Culture – “The Periodic Table of Storytelling” Reveals the Elements of Telling a Good Story


Journalist’s Resource – Research chat: Peter Singer on cybersecurity and what the media needs to know


HBR Blog Network – The Quick and Dirty on Data Visualization


Culture Digitally – Beyond surveillance fridges and socialized power drills: social media and the financialization of everyday life

Information, Communication & Society – Digital culture industry: a history of digital distribution


Slate – Will Digital Humanities #Disrupt the University?


The Atlantic –

New York Times – Dual Turning Point for Biofuels

Science & Technology Studies 27(1) out now – SPECIAL ISSUE: Energy in Society. Energy Systems and Infrastructures in Society


Goodnight Earth blog – Hold the drill! Fracking emitting more methane than previously thought


Food and Geography – What’s the Situation With Protected Food Names in Norway?


The Atlantic – In Medical Decisions, Dread Is Worse Than Fear

New York Times Health – E-Cigarettes Are Targeted At Youths, Report Says

Social Science & Medicine – Cultures of resistance? A Bourdieusian analysis of doctors’ antibiotic prescribing


KMbeing blog – Community-University Engagement & University Reforms


Studies in Higher Education – Impacts of academic R&D on high-tech manufacturing products: tentative evidence from supercomputer data


New Scientist – When the internet dies, meet the meshnet that survives


Savage Minds – Open access is organic: on the Journal of Material Culture

Scholarly Kitchen blog – Open Access in the Humanities and Social Sciences: An Interview with Chris Wickham

LSE Impact blog – To argue against open access on the grounds that it damages the reach of research is to undersell research.


Brain Pickings – Visual Dictionary of Philosophy: Major Schools of Thought in Minimalist Geometric Graphics 


LSE Impact Blog – Clicking on the real: telling stories and engaging audiences through interactive documentaries.


Cultural Cognition Project blog – Vaccine risk perceptions and risk communication: study conclusions & recommendations

Manchester Policy Blog: Science and Technology – Back to the future; the recurring patterns of flooding in the UK

Risk: Reason and Reality – The Great Portland Pee. The Psychological Power of Disgust That Discourages Water Recycling


Just Publics @365 – Scholarly Communication eBook 


Somatosphere – Putting Science in its Place


Cultural Cognition Project blog – Want to improve climate-science communication (I mean really, seriously)? Stop telling just-so stories & conducting “messaging” experiments on MTurk workers & female NYU undergraduates & use genuine evidence-based methods in field settings instead

Public Health Science Communication 2.0 – Pregnancy Science Communication

Science Borealis – Creative credit: media use across the web

SciLogs’ Communication Breakdown blog – The News Release Is Dead, Long Live the News Release

The Guardian – How to create a successful science blog


R&D Management – The work motivation of research scientists and its effect on research performance

Studies in Higher Education – Impacts of academic R&D on high-tech manufacturing products: tentative evidence from supercomputer data


The Sociological Imagination – How to be a blogger without having your own blog

Information, Communication & Society – Understanding micro-processes of community building and mutual learning on Twitter: a ‘small data’ approach

LSE Impact blog – Five ways libraries are using Instagram to share collections and draw public interest.

NeuroView – The Vacuum Shouts Back: Postpublication Peer Review on Social Media

New Scientist – Wikipedia searches and sick tweets predict flu cases

The Sociological Imagination – Richard Dawkins, Twitter and the dangers of thinking aloud Edit

Journalist’s Resource – The Boston Marathon bombing: From emergency medicine to Twitter communications, what research has found 

Research to Action – Why You Need To Get On Social Media, Like, Yesterday


The Atlantic – Porn Stars and ’90s Dads: This Week’s Best Pop Culture Writing

Don’t Get Caught – The Weekend Read

The Lancet – This Week in Medicine (19-25 April)

Carl Zimmer’s The Loom – Weekend Reading: The Long Road to Ancient DNA, and Gene-Stealing Ferns

Nieman Journalism Lab – This Week in Review: Making sense of the Pulitzers, and a new daily paper in Los Angeles

Retraction Watch – Weekend reads: How to rescue science, what “censorship” really means, worst paper of the year?

Savage Minds – Around the Web Digest: Week of April 13

SciLogs’ ‘Six Incredible Things before Breakfast’ blog –  Morsels For The Mind – 18/04/2014

Speakers of Science blog – Read of the Week April 17 2014 – Science Writing, Climate Change and News Releases

Record of the Week (Week of 31 March 2014)

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Another dose of science, technology and society (STS) literature with extended section on the latest IPCC climate change report.

(Apologies for the formatting. It looks all fine in the edit post window but the final is a bit off. Not sure why.)


UK Parliamentary Science & Technology Committee – Eighth Report – Communicating climate science Volume 1, Volume 2, PDF

Talk Climate – ‘Must try harder’ on climate change communication

Climate Change Consortium of Wales – Communicating climate science report released


Ars Technica – New IPCC report on climate change focuses on managing risks

Damian Carrington’s Environment blog – Climate change action is the best insurance policy in world history

NPR – Researchers Detail How Climate Change Will Alter Our Lives [with AUDIO]

New York Times –  Panel’s Warning on Climate Risk: Worst Is Yet to Come

New York Times ‘Dot Earth’ blog –

New Scientist –

The Washington Post – U.N. climate panel: Governments, businesses need to take action now against growing risks [VIDEO]

BBC News –

The Guardian – Climate change a threat to security, food and humankind – IPCC report

Dot Earth blog – Climate Panel Sees Global Warming Impacts on All Continents, Worse to Come

Climate Desk – If This Terrifying Report Doesn’t Wake You Up to the Realities of What We’re Doing to This Planet, What Will?

Climate Central – Climate Change Impacts in Pictures: 8 Stark IPCC Images

CLIMATE CHANGE – after IPCC report

The Breakthrough Institutes ‘The Public Square’- What Role for Experts in the Climate Debate? Balancing Trust, Advocacy, and Social Change

The Lancet – Climate change and health: on the latest IPCC report

Science Media Centre (UK) – expert reaction to IPCC AR5 WG2

British Ecological Society (BES) blog – Climate Change: The Scientific View

Nature – Brace for impacts

Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media – Major News Outlets: Somber Reporting on ‘Bleak’ IPCC Study

Inside Climate News – Climate Impacts Are Going to Hit the Developing World Hardest, IPCC Says

Dot Earth blog – U.N. Climate Report Authors Answer 11 Basic Questions

Climate Desk – Frame Climate Change as a Food Issue, Experts Say


Globe and Mail – Oil-sands link to health concerns, report says


Globe and Mail – Exxon Mobil agrees to share more data on fracking risks

Inside Climate News – Toxic Emission Spikes at Fracking Sites Are Rarely Monitored, Study Finds

Climate Central – Mind the Fracking Data Gap, Study Says

Somatosphere – Petri Dish
Compass Blogs – Finding Your Voice
Science Media Centre (UK) – Media debates on science: delicately balanced
Climate Change Consortium of Wales – Science on a Sphere for Wales
‘Unmuzzdled Science’ blog – A case for Government Science outreach
British Ecological Society blog –
Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing (CASTAC) blog –

Ars Technica – Japan’s whaling “not for scientific purposes,” must cease

Dot Earth – A Whale of an International Court Ruling Against Japan


The Bubble Chamber – Weekly roundup

Don’t Get Caught – The weekend read

Ed Yong’s ‘Not Exactly Rocket Science’ blog – I’ve Got Your Missing Links Right Here (05 April 2014)

The Lancet – This week in Medicine April 5-11 2014

LSE Impact blog – Impact Round-Up 5th April: Open access mandates, academic freedom, and homo academicus.

Nieman Journalism Lab – This Week in Review: Local news innovation and Thunderdome, and Facebook’s brand clampdown

Retraction Watch – Weekend reads: Former ORI director speaks out; Is peer review broken?

Savage Minds – Around the Web Digest: Week of May 30

Sociological Images – This month in socimages (March 2014)

Speakers of Science blog – Reads of the Week April 4, 2014 – bees, science journalism and beat box rhythms!


**Last updated 7 April 2014**

Record of the Week (Week of 17 March 2014)

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This is some of the STS (science, technology, and society) literature that caught my attention during the course of the week of 17 March 2014).


Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing (CASTAC) – Auxiliary Motives and the Anthropology of Technology

Savage Minds – Ontology and wonder: an interview with Michael W. Scott

Somatosphere –


The Guardian – Climate change is putting world at risk of irreversible changes, scientists warn

The Huffington Post – White House Unveils Climate Data Website To ‘Empower America’s Communities To Prepare’


Environmental Communication – Environmental Risks in Newspaper Coverage: A Framing Analysis of Investigative Reports on Environmental Problems in 10 Chinese Newspapers

Harvard Business Review Blog Network – A Presentation Isn’t Always the Right Way to Communicate

Just Publics @365 Blog – Getting Academic Research into the Public Sphere: The Rundown on Repositories 


Journalist’s Resource – The impact of natural gas extraction and fracking on state and local roadways 

Climate Central – Drilling, Fracking Efficiency Fuels Oil and Gas Boom


New Genetics and Society – Making the Mexican diabetic: race, science, and the genetics of identity [AHEAD OF PRINT]


Geography Directions – Time to rethink the e-waste problem


The New York Times – Warming Up to the Culture of Wikipedia


AR Cameron blog – Mainstream not third stream: Inside Government seminar on implementing the Witty Review.

Universities UK blog – Universities’ economic impact – new research revealed soon

LSE Impact Blog –

Alliance for Useful Evidence – The creation of a new service to unlock research expertise – and you hold the key 

The Guardian – We aim to put research evidence on tap for UK politicians

The Guardian’s Higher Education Network – Is pressure on postdocs leading to ‘massaged’ research?

The Scholarly Kitchen Blog – Wellcome Money — In This Example of Open Access Funding, the Matthew Effect Dominates


Journal of Risk Research – Something old and something new: comparing views about nanotechnology and nuclear energy


Buzzfeed – Watch The Moment A Scientist Gets Told His Life’s Work Has Been Proven Right


SciLog’s Communication Breakdown Blog – Non-English Science Communication: An Overview

Scientific American Blogs: Symbioartic – What If All The Images Went Away

A Candle in the Dark Blog – Care about the future of science? Be visible.


Cultural Studies of Science Education – A cultural historical theoretical perspective of discourse and design in the science classroom

Science & Education – Scientists, Engineers and the Society of Free Choice: Enrollment as Policy and Practice in Swedish Science and Technology Education 1960–1990

Science Education –


Policy Science – Scientific opinion in policymaking: the case of climate change adaptation

Journalist’s Resource – How policymakers can get a rigorous assessment of scientific opinion: Research brief 


Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (UK) Science & Society Blog –

Social Science & Medicine – The use of citizens’ juries in health policy decision-making: A systematic review [OPEN ACCESS]


The Sociological Life blog – An interview in which I talk about using social media to promote academic research

Social Media Collective Research Blog – Why Snapchat is Valuable: It’s All About Attention

The Atlantic – Turkey’s Government Can’t Stop Twitter

LSE Impact Blog – Social media is a ticking time bomb for universities with an outdated web presence.

Journal of Computer-Mediated Activism –


TED talk – What I learned from going blind in space (Chris Hadfield)


Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (UK) Science & Society Blog – BBSRC – evaluating public dialogue: Synthetic Biology


Science, Technology, & Human Values – Constructing the East-West Boundary: The Contested Place of a Modern Imaging Technology in South Korea’s Dual Medical System [AHEAD OF PRINT]


The Atlantic – Creepy Crushes, Fictional QBs: The Week’s Best Pop-Culture Writing

Don’t Get Caught blog – The Weekend Read

LSE Impact Blog – Impact Round-Up 22nd March: Data journalism, code as a research object, and the cure for impact factor mania.

Nieman Journalism Lab – This Week in Review: Nate Silver and data journalism’s critics, and the roots of diversity problems

Savage Minds blog – Around the Web Digest: Week of March 16

Speakers of Science blog – Reads of the Week March 21st 2014 – The big bang, blogging, the sounds of your voice and more!

The Lancet – This Week in Medicine (March 22-28, 2014) 

** Last updated on 24 March 2014 **