Record of the Week (Week of 10 March 2014)

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Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing (CASTAC) Blog – On the Verge of a Scientific Breakthrough…Ten Years and Counting


Journal of Creative Communications


Just Publics @365 Blog – Transactional and Transformational Measures of Impact


Guardian’s Political Science blog – Cameron turns ‘internet of things’ slogan into fact


HOPEJAHRENSURECANWRITE blog – What I Say When My Colleagues Ask Me If They Should Be On Twitter

Chaos – Opinion formation on social media: An empirical approach

Science Daily – How Twitter shapes public opinion


Journal of Risk Research – Regulation of risk management of medical devices and the role of litigation

Risk: Reason and Reality – The News Media and Risk. How to Protect Yourself From Being Freaked Out!


Science Borealis – Virtual road trip: Exploring Canada’s major physics labs


Journal of Creative Communications – Framing of the H1N1 Flu in an Indian Newspaper

Yale forum on Climate Change & the Media – Researchers Point to Modest Successes from ‘Climate Matters’ TV Campaign

Don’t Get Caught – Media interview smarts: Neil DeGrasse Tyson on prep and managing time

COMPASSBLOGS – How do we know if science communication training is working?

Communication Breakdown Blog – Science Communication and the Art of Not Stealing

Journal of Science Communication –


Harvard Business Review Blog – What’s Holding Women Back in Science and Technology Industries

The GuardiaHigher Education Network – Academics Anonymous: sexism is driving women out of science


Nature – Policy: The art of science advice to government (Sir Peter Gluckman, chief science adviser to the Prime Minister of New Zealand) [OPEN ACCESS]

Guardian’s Political Science blog –

Social Science & Medicine – External factors affecting decision-making and use of evidence in an Australian public health policy environment


Ipsos MORI – Public Attitudes to Science 2014 (UK)

British Science Association – Public Attitudes to Science 2014: The Results

Guardian’s Political Science blog – How to read the latest data on public attitudes to science

Guardian’s Political Science blog – Do we want GM crops in the UK?

Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (UK) Science & Society Blog – Introducing the Charter for UK Science and Society


EPC Government and Policy – Coinquiry for environmental sustainability: a review of the UK Beacons for Public Engagement

Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (UK) Science & Society Blog – Research Councils UK – Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research

KMBeing Blog – A Thought Piece On Knowledge Transfer & Exchange/Knowledge Mobilization

Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre – Confessions from the Head of Public Dialogue

Communication Breakdown Blog – Bringing People with Disabilities into the Research Community

LSE Impact Blog – From STEM to STEAM: The potential for arts to facilitate innovation, literacy and participatory democracy.


Information, Communication & Society –

Media, Culture & Society – The presentation of celebrity personas in everyday twittering: managing online reputations throughout a communication crisis

Journalist’s Resource –


Ed Yong’s Not Exactly Rocket Science Blog – I’ve Got Your Missing Links Right Here (15 March 2014)

Nieman Journalism Lab – This Week in Review: Newsweek’s scoop lands with a thud, and diversity in the new news sites

LSE Impact Blog – Impact Round-Up 15th March: The Cosmos of science communication, rallying for the humanities, and #itooamoxford.

Savage Minds Blog – Around the Web Digest: Week of March 9

Speakers of Science – Reads of the Week on March 14th 2014 – Racing Cells, diamonds, speed reading and more!

The Lancet – This Week in Medicine (March 15-21, 2014)


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