Record of the Week – in Journals (Week of 10 February)

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Just some articles that caught my attention over the last week…

Over at Science as Culture, ahead of print, ‘City under the Ice: The Closed World of Camp Century in Cold War Culture‘.

Science and Public Policy has a new issue out (Volume 41 Issue 1 February 2014).The following articles are part of the issue:

  • The Heterogeneity of Knowledge and the Academic Mode of Knowledge Governance: Italian Evidence in the First Part of the 20th Century
  • Nanotechnology: Rhetoric, Risk and Regulation.
  • Individual Perception vs. Structural Context: Searching for Multilevel Determinants of Social Acceptance of New Science and Technology across 34 Countries
  • Government R&D Funding in Economic Downturns: Testing the Varieties of Capitalism Conjecture.
  • The Fall of Research and Rise of Innovation: Changes in New Zealand Science Policy Discourse.
  • The European Research Council and the European Research Funding Landscape.
  • Which Extramural Scientists Were Funded by the US National Institutes of Health from Its ARRA Funds?
  • Argumentative Practices in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy: The Case of Clinician-Scientists and Translational Research.
  • Governing ‘dual-Use’ Research in Canada: A Policy Review.

Science, Technology, & Human and Values has a special a special issue [March 2014 39(2)] out, ‘The Conceptual and the Empirical – expanding STS’ . It includes the following articles for your consideration.

  • The Conceptual and the Empirical in Science and Technology Studies
  • Continuous Variations: The Conceptual and the Empirical in STS
  • The Ethnographic Machine: Experimenting with Context and Comparison in Strathernian Ethnography
  • The Empirical as Conceptual: Transdisciplinary Engagements with an “Experiential Medicine”
  • Seamful Spaces: Heterogeneous Infrastructures in Interaction
  • Who Killed WATERS? Mess, Method, and Forensic Explanation in the Making and Unmaking of Large-scale Science Networks

Information, Communication & Society, new article, “Digital inclusion and social inclusion: a tale of two cities

Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 

Teaching and Teacher Education, special section ,”Scholarly Work Beyond Written Texts

Learning and Individual Differences, special section, Metacognition, Decision-making and Learning: New Trends and Developments

The Internet and Higher Education, special section, ” Digital Teaching Portfolios and the Professional Learning University Community ”

Learning and Instruction, special section, “Cognitive and Affective Processes in Multimedia Learning

International Journal of Public Health, “Smoking ban in workplaces reduces cardiovascular risk for workers

Journal of Science Communication, “Use of scientific research by South African winemakers

Risk Analysis, Evaluation of Take-Home Exposure and Risk Associated with the Handling of Clothing Contaminated with Chrysotile Asbestos

Journal of Risk Research, ” Dis-Ag-reement: the construction and negotiation of risk in the Swedish controversy over antibacterial silver

Annals of Science, “The ‘Chemistry of Space’: The Sources of Hermann Grassmann’s Scientific Achievements”  

The British Journal for the History of Science,  “‘We want no authors’: William Nicholson and the contested role of the scientific journal in Britain, 1797–1813″; also volume 47(01) for march 2014 is also out.


**The aim is to develop this into a comprehensive round up of literature that I come across  during the course of the week; not just the scholarly publications. Got to start somewhere!**


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