Say ‘Yes’ to Dance and ‘No’ to Powerpoint

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There is a great annual competition, ‘Dance Your PhD’. It is a competition run by Science Magazine with the aim of recognizing the best dance interpretation of scientific doctoral work. You can catch up on last year’s winners in physics, biology, chemistry and social sciences here.

The ‘Dance Your PhD’ Contest is run by scientist and writer, John Bohannon. In this TED talk, John makes a proposal: Use dancers instead of powerpoint.

The complex relationship between scientific and social worlds has created an emphasis on scientists to engage with the non-academic world and communicate their research in an effective manner (This is increasingly becoming the case across the sciences and the social sciences alike).

In many cases, scientists are talking the talk about more effective communication to non-academic audiences.

The challenge that still remains is to walk the walk. Perhaps dancing the walk is the way to go for some scientists?


One thought on “Say ‘Yes’ to Dance and ‘No’ to Powerpoint

    Lishia Erza Evans (@kefirlime) said:
    March 18, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    That’s a brilliant idea! My research is about the effects of political systems to the social exclusion of indigenous peoples. I think I’ll plan for my research dissemination to be in the form of a theatrical production! Culture, Politics, Music, Drama… Thanks for the post!

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